What is copyright?

What is a license?

Music clearance and licensing is the process by which one formally obtains the rights to use a piece of music in any given project. There are two inherent copyrights in every piece of recorded music. First, the words and music make up the composition, which is controlled by the music publisher(s). There may be only one publisher or as many as eight or nine publishers for any given composition. Secondly, the actual recording itself, formally referred to as a master or sound recording, is controlled by the master rights owner(s). It is rare to see a master recording with more than one owner, but not unheard of.
Depending on the usage that you want the music for, permissions, licenses and fees may be required from just the publishers or both the publishers and the master rights owners. For instance, if you re-record a song that has already been commercially released (i.e. a ?cover? version), without changing the lyrics or fundamental character of the song, you would only need a statutory mechanical license, which is compulsory as set forth by Copyright Law. This type of license is the opposite of one that is voluntarily granted by individual copyright owners.

If you choose to use someone else’s master recording, you must also obtain a master rights license from the master rights owner. For some qualifying usages, such as playing music in your store or office, you can apply for a licence from PPL (to clear the recording) and PRS (to clear the composition).



Does Railroad provide blanket licences?

We do on a case by case basis. If you are interested in a blanket agreement please email jen(at)railroad-music(dot)com

I’m a musician/label/manager/publisher and I want to get my music on Railroad, how can I do that?

We love discovering new music but remember that it has to be from Scotland! Please email Jen for submission consideration.

Where is my download?

Once you have gone through and purchased the track you will receive an automatic download link for the track and your licence.

Can I make extra DVD/Blu-Ray copies?

Your license covers making up to 5 DVD/Blu-Ray copies for each project, as well as placing the video online. If you need to make more DVD/Blu-Ray copies then just get in touch with us

Can I use part of the song or remix it?

Use part of a song or the whole thing. Just NO mashups or mixing 2 songs together into 1. We have to respect what the artist created and the integrity of the song. Other than that, have fun making videos to our music!

Can I use multiple songs in 1 video?

Yes, multiple songs can be used in a video, but each song will need to be licensed separately.

What if I am outside the UK?

Railroad has obtained worldwide licensing rights but every once in a while there may be territorial issues.

*The only existing issue (29/10/12) is the inability for those in German territories to post videos using music on YouTube due to a currently unresolved disagreement between GEMA and YouTube.

How do I get started?

You can browse our music store or alternatively search by Feel, Genre or Type to find what you are looking for. Once you have found a song you like simply choose the licence you require and add it to your cart. You will then be able to download the file and the licence.

Why do I need permission if I’m not making money from my video?

Copyright is a type of Intellectual Property and it is how songwriters and recording artists make money from their songs. Every time a song get’s used somewhere then you need to get permission from whoever owns it. The songwriter or publisher will own the copyright in the composition and the recording artist or record label will own the copyright in the sound recording therefore you need their permission to use a recording or even a new recording of a composition.

We do all of that for you.

Do I need to obtain permission if I credit the artist?

Yes. Acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material is not a substitute for obtaining permission.

Do I need to obtain licensing?

If you’re using a sound recording in a movie, commercial or other visual work, then the answer is yes. Railroad licenses include synchronisation and streaming rights so you can use music in your video and post it online.

I licensed my song through Railroad and put it online but it has a copyright infringement notification, what should I do?

If the video is on YouTube, just forward the dispute email your received to jen@railroad-music.com and we will work to get your video reinstated or get it running ad free within 4-5 business days. Do NOT dispute Copyright ownership with the copyright owner. This may result in the video being removed altogether or a possible strike on your YouTube account (if you’re using YouTube). Labels and publishers see this as a dispute of their ownership of the song and do not automatically distinguish whether or not it was actually licensed.

If your video was disputed by Facebook or Vimeo then go ahead and contest the dispute and provide the license certificate you received with your license purchase.

Can I purchase a song more than once?

1 license = 1 project

If you license a song for Project A, then you will need to license the song again if you want to use the same song for Project B.

What does a Corporate Licence Cover?

Commercial Licenses include the right to make digital copies and place the video online  (Synchronisation and Streaming rights) on the projects meeting the below criteria. (Please note: Not all songs in the Railroad library are available for Commercial Licensing. The songs that have Commercial Availability will be notated with a pink “C” to the right of each song choice).

When promoting a product, service, or organization under the following guidelines:

  • Online Corporate videos (keep videos online in perpetuity). Make up to 10 hard copies.
  • Internal Corporate videos (show in perpetuity) Make up to 10 hard copies.
  • Looking for Broadcast (TV or Radio) use? Just email us and we will get you a custom quote.

Independent Films:

When creating an independently produced and funded film use the following guidelines:

  • For placement in multiple film festivals and creation of up to 10 hard copies (may be used in festivals in perpetuity) For online use for display purposes only (not monetized) and creation of up to 10 hard copies (keep videos online in perpetuity
  • Want to distribute more than 10 hard copies of your video or use other means of distribution or monetization? Just email us for a custom quote.

* You may notice that not all song titles that are available for Standard Licenses are available for Commercial Licenses. If you would like to license one of these other titles for Commercial use just email us for a custom quote. 

What does a Standard Licence Cover?

A Railroad standard license includes the right to make digital copies and place the video online (Synchronisation and Streaming rights) that are not for commercial use on the projects meeting the below criteria.

Heres what it covers:

  • Wedding & Engagement/Love Story Videos (including Rock/Trash the Dress)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Videos
  • Senior Portrait Videos
  • Baby, Kid & Family Portrait Videos
  • Birthday Party Videos
  • Retirement Party Videos
  • Anniversary Videos
  • Fashion & Boudoir Videos
  • Pet Portrait Videos
  • Sports Videos (excludes pro & semi-pro teams)
  • School/Educational Videos
  • Memorial Videos
  • Church Videos

How Much Does It Cost?

Standard Licenses: £25

Commercial/Corporate Licence: £250

Anything else: POA (please contact us)