Commercial License

What is a Commercial License and what does it cover?

Commercial Licenses include the right to make digital copies and place the video online  (Synchronisation and Streaming rights) on the projects meeting the below criteria. (Please note: Not all songs in the Railroad library are available for Commercial Licensing. The songs that have Commercial Availability will be notated with a pink “C” to the right of each song choice).

When promoting a product, service, or organization under the following guidelines:

  • Online Corporate videos (keep videos online in perpetuity). Make up to 10 hard copies.
  • Internal Corporate videos (show in perpetuity) Make up to 10 hard copies.
  • Looking for Broadcast (TV or Radio) use? Just email us and we will get you a custom quote.

Independent Films:

When creating an independently produced and funded film use the following guidelines:

  • For placement in multiple film festivals and creation of up to 10 hard copies (may be used in festivals in perpetuity) For online use for display purposes only (not monetized) and creation of up to 10 hard copies (keep videos online in perpetuity
  • Want to distribute more than 10 hard copies of your video or use other means of distribution or monetization? Just email us for a custom quote.

* You may notice that not all song titles that are available for Standard Licenses are available for Commercial Licenses. If you would like to license one of these other titles for Commercial use just email us for a custom quote.